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Technical Papers

Drainage Engineers Technical Papers

Todgham Papers: Distributing the Cost

* Please note that the sections of the Drainage Act referred to in this paper are understood to be as per The Drainage Act, 1962-63, Statutes of Ontario, 1962-63, Chapter 39 as amended by 1965, Chapter 34 and 1967, Chapter 47.

Allowances and Compensation under the Drainage Act 1998

Easements in Drainage Presented at the 2010 Drainage Engineers Conference by Delbert O’Brien

Guidelines for Environmental Appraisals under the Drainage Act by OMAF, OME, OMNR, 1975

Guidelines for preparation of Drainage Reports under the Drainage Act

Preliminary Reports on Municipal Drains

Section 26 of The Drainage Act

Spinnin’ the 78 – 20 QUESTIONS ON THE USE OF S.78 OF THE DRAINAGE ACT, presented at the 2008 Drainage Engineers Conference by Sid Vander Veen, OMAFRA

The Drainage Act, Comments and Suggestions for Reports, Wayne Wood, OMAF, 1986