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Engineer Biographies

Drainage Practitioners Biographies

Since the late 19th Century, drainage has been a key factor in the growth and development of the Province of Ontario. Legislation including the Drainage Act and the Ditches and Watercourses Act was enacted by the Province to provide for organized drainage works. Over the decades, there were Professional Engineers and Ontario Land Surveyors who dedicated a significant portion of their careers to preparing drainage reports to address the drainage needs across the province. Many of the early practitioners provided the training and mentoring for subsequent practitioners to carry out the required works to satisfy the legislation requirements and address the needs for drainage to enhance land productivity and reduction of damages due to flooding.

Included in this section of the web site are the biographies of some of the drainage practitioners that completed a large amount of work to enhance the lands across the province. Some of these practitioners were considered experts in the field of drainage, presenting papers at meetings and conferences to instruct and guide those who required new systems, or repairs and improvements to older systems in need of enhancement. The O.S.P.E. Land Drainage Committee hopes that you will find the provided information interesting.

The Land Drainage Committee (L.D.C.) is very interested in expanding this list of biographies of Ontario drainage engineers. If you are aware of other engineers who have produced at least 100 reports under the Drainage Act, please write a profile and submit it to the L.D.C. The profile should not exceed two pages in length and should include:

  1. Personal Profile (e.g. photo, early life, education)
  2. Work Profile (the location of their office, where they performed the bulk of their work, total number of reports, the years they practiced, notable projects, current location of their historical records)
  3. Other drainage related activities (e.g. served on Land Drainage Committee, Tribunal, or special government committees on drainage or presented at the Drainage Engineers Conference, etc.)